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Aberdeen Lake - 7/28/2014


The lake has relatively stabilized. Most reports continue coming in from the bass and catfish anglers. The bass anglers are reporting an early and late topwater bite in the sloughs and backwater areas with grass stumps. Buzzbaits, frogs and popping lures are good here. If the water is clear enough, weightless soft plastics may work as well. During the day, use T-rigs and jigs in those same areas. The riprap bank above the mouth of the Tombigbee River should be have a decent bite. It is holding a few fish right now, particularly spotted bass. Some current will help the bite. Crankbaits, shakeyheads and spinnerbaits are good choices for the riprap bite. The catfish anglers are reporting success with rod-n-reels and jugs. Cuts and creeks off the channel are best areas for rod-n-reel action. Flavored chicken, whole shad/skipjack and cutbait seem to be working as of late. The upper end of the channel near the old river has been popular with the jug fishermen. A reminder that handgrabbing season is now over. Placement of handgrabbing boxes in the Tenn-Tom Waterway is not permitted. No crappie reports this week.

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