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Grenada Lake - 6/30/2015

Water level 220.96 ft, falling 0.1 ft/day; 6.0 ft above rule curve Tuesday.  For water level information, call (662)226-5911 or check at  for a table or for a graph.  The lake is supposed to be maintained at summer pool (215 ft) from May 1 – August 1.

Collins’ Bait Shop (662)226-3581 and MDWFP angler creel surveys this past week showed best luck for crappie pulling crankbaits 10 – 12 ft deep and 1.7 – 1.8 mph for suspended fish both in the main lake and in the Skuna River arm.  A lot of short fish are being reported; use bigger baits and fish deeper to discourage smaller fish.  Quite a few blue cats have been incidental catch on crankbaits fished for crappie.  Catfishing has been good for channel cats over rip-rap rocks; fish worms or other baits under a bobber.  Lines and noodles (jugs) are also producing.  Most grabblers have been having trouble getting to boxes set out before the water rose.  Both blues (white river cats) and flatheads (yellow cats) have been grabbled recently.  White bass are in the main lake feeding on shad; fish jigs, tailspinner lures, or small crankbaits over sandy points.  There is no size or number limit on white bass.  For largemouth bass, fish spinnerbaits or topwaters in shallower water over flooded cover early and late in the day and crankbaits or soft plastics in deeper water on channel edges or main lake points midday; look for clearer water.  Expect extra boats on the lake for the July 4th holiday weekend.

As the water falls, folks report balls of “fish eggs” or “jellyfish” clinging to sticks, trees, and about everything else.  These are actually colonial animals (like coral) that filter plankton out of the water.  Nibbling by fish results in a rounded colony.  Web search “freshwater bryozoans” for more on these interesting, ancient animals.

The spillway had one gate open 4.0 ft (1300 cfs) Tuesday.  A lot of drum and gar have been reported from the spillway lately.  Fish for blue catfish (white humpbacks) with nightcrawlers or minnows under a slip cork.  Better luck for catfish has been fishing lines with live bait in the river below the spillway instead of in the rip-rapped area.  A few white bass (“stripes”) are hitting jigs or small crankbaits in the faster water.

Contact the COE office (662)226-6090 for accessible ramps at current water levels.


The daily creel limit for crappie on Grenada Lake is 20 per person. Crappie must be over 12 inches. Anglers fishing Grenada Lake may use no more than 3 poles per person and no more than 2 hooks or lures per pole. There is a 50 crappie per boat limit for boats with 3 or more anglers. The 12 inch length limit does not apply to the reservoir spillway, but the spillway has a 20 crappie creel limit.

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