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Desoto - 12/2/2014

Winter Fishing Report

For current river stages and forecasts click on the following link:


For crappie, try fishing around the outside edge of flooded willow trees in water 10-15 ft. deep.  Another option would be to troll in open water areas of the lake.  Fishing slowly with jigs or minnows is your best bet.

Bass should be holding to cover near the shoreline, especially around downed trees or rocky banks. Try using soft plastics or spinnerbaits near these locations, fishing slowly and methodically and as close to cover as you can.  Fishing a jig around lay downs in deep water is another good option.

For catfish, try fishing trotlines baited with nightcrawlers or cut bait along mudflats, or fish deeper water tightlining with a rod and reel with the same baits or chicken livers, especially around the mouth of the lake.


For Mississippi River oxbow lakes, the fluctuations of the Mississippi River is an important factor for determining how the fishing is. Slow rises and slow falls produce the best fishing. The best crappie fishing on Desoto Lake is normally at water levels between 12-18 feet (Helena gauge).


Online Map

For a general map go to Http://outfitters.org Click on public waters and then click on Desoto Lake under "more area lake maps".

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