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Ross Barnett Reservoir - 5/20/2015

Ross Barnett Reservoir

Pelahatchie Bay   

Bass fishing is really good at this time. Bass are very active early in the morning and late afternoon in the shallow water around structure. Newly hatched bait fish will be holding tight in these areas and the larger fish will be there to feed on them. Top water lures seem to work best this time of year.

Crappie can be found in the deeper water now that the spawn is over. Try using jigs and minnows in and around deep structure and creek channels.

Water temps are right for bream to spawn. Try using crickets or worms fishing them on the bottom or just off the bottom using a cork.

Catfish can be caught in the shallow areas of the lake using liver or other types of stink bait fishing on the bottom. Jugs and trot lines work well this time of year also.

Main Lake 

Lower Lake:

Catfish can be caught shallow especially in the late afternoon as fish move up to feed. Chicken liver or other types of blood baits or worms seem to work best.

Crappie have moved out to the deeper parts of the lake. Deep timber or submersed tops will be holding fish this time of year. Ledges around the creek channels seem to hold fish also. Jigs tipped with a crappie nibble produce good numbers of fish this time of year.

Bass should be targeted in and around the grass or shallow vegetation using top water lures early in the morning and late afternoon. Bass should be moved up chasing newly hatched bait fish that will be holding tight to structure.

No reports on bream but they should be starting to bed soon.

Upper Lake

Crappie seem to have moved back out to deeper water. The spawn is over and fish will be holding around deep timber or tops and creek ledges. They will be chasing bait fish so crappie could be at any depth. Try multiple depth ranges until fish are located. If you catch one at a certain depth its a good chance other fish will be at that depth also.


Fish have begun to move shallow and are chasing bait fish or shad. Try fishing a top water plug or chatter bait around the lily pads or shallow structure. Shallow points that have structure also are good places to try.

Above Highway 43


A couple of 2.5# crappie caught earlier this spring trolling channel ledges.

Crappie can be targeted around deep drop offs around the main river channel. As the weather warms fish may be holding in and around trees that have fallen in from the river banks.

Bass can be found shallow. Target trees that have fallen in from the river banks. These areas will be holding bait fish and bass will be holding in and around these areas waiting on an opportunity to feed. Top water lures and jerk bait type lures seem to produce fish especially early in the morning and late evening.

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