Fishing Reports

Ross Barnett Reservoir - 9/22/2015 10:37:00 AM

Pelahatchie Bay

Bass can be located in and around lily pads or mats of other aquatic weeds. Fishing with soft plastics or shallow diving crank baits may produce some nice fish. Bass should become very active in the shallow water as the weather begins to cool off making for some exciting top water action almost any time of the day.

Crappie fishing should begin to improve as fall of the year approaches. Fish will still be deep but feeding habits should increase in preparation for the winter months. Jigs and minnows should still be the go to baits this time of year.

Bream can be caught using worms or a cricket in and around lily pads in 3 - 4 ft of water. Bream fishing with a fly rod can be productive during the cooler months. Bream may also be found in some what deeper water this time of year.

Catfish tend to do well late in the evening or at night with almost any type of popular cat fish bait. Try shallow areas of the lake that are adjacent to creek channels.

Main Lake

Crappie fishing can be very productive in the fall of the year. Fish will still be in deep water but feeding habits should improve. Deep standing timber, old lake beds, and creek ledges should be where fish are located. Jigs and minnows are the best baits to try. Fish may be at any depth depending on the location of bait fish.  

Bream  can be found in and around lily pads in 3 - 4 ft of water using crickets or worms. Smaller spinner type baits such as rooster tails and beetle spins can be productive as well.

Bass can be targeted in and around the lily pads using soft plastics and swim baits. With the water being low at this time and cooler weather approaching, shallow water stump fields and bank edges should provide some exciting top water action at almost any time during the day.
Catfish have been biting good on minnows around deep standing timber and out in open water on trot lines.

Lower Lake

Crappie fishing should be starting to heat up as the hottest days are hopefully behind us. The fall season can provide some of the best crappie fishing of the year. Fish will still be deep and minnows and jigs will still be the best bets as for as lure choice. Deep standing timber, old lake beds and creek ledges should produce good numbers of fish.

Bass action should be good as the weather begins to cool. Shallow water stumps and lily pads should provide plenty of top water opportunities this time of year. Buzz baits, frogs or jerk baits are good choices for lures. 

Try for bream in shallow parts of the lake around structure or vegetation in 3 - 4 ft of water using crickets or worms with a cork or tight lining off the bottom.

Catfish can be targeted  around deep timber with rod and reel or out in the open water with jugs or trot lines. Minnows, cut bait, or liver should produce some nice fish.

Upper Lake

Try for bream in 4 - 5 ft of water using worms and crickets. Fly fishing can be good along the grass lines and lily pads. Small ultra lite baits such as beetle spins can be productive as well.

Fall of the year is a great time to fish for crappie. Fish will still be deep and found around standing timber or creek ledges. The bite should begin to improve as fish prepare for the winter months. Some nice fish were caught recently in 8 - 12 ft of water on minnows and around standing timber.

With the hottest days behind us, the bass fishing should be good. With the water being low at this time, shallow stump fields and lily pads can be very productive with top water lures or spinner baits.

Above Highway 43

Try for crappie where the river drops off sharply. Jigs tipped with a minnow or nibble should be productive around trees that have fallen in from the edges of the river. Minnows can be fished along river ledges in 10 - 15 ft of water. Fish may be at any depth.

Cooler temperatures should improve bass action especially in shallow water. Top water lures or spinner baits can be very productive. Ledges along the main river run may be holding fish as well. Deep diving crank baits should be a good choice for these areas.

Catfish can be caught on trot lines in the shallower water off the main river channel. Bigger fish may be found as the water begins to get deeper nearing the main river channel. Floating jugs out in the main channel can be productive as well.

Bream can be located in areas off the main river channel in and around lily pads using crickets 2 - 4 ft of water. Bream may also be found in a little deeper water this time of year but crickets or worms will still catch fish.

For depth map information, contact the Pearl River Board at (601-856-6574).



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