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Environmental Program

The MDWFP Environmental Program strives to protect, conserve, enhance and restore native fish and wildlife populations and their habitats through consultation on environmental projects and permit reviews.

The following duties fall under the program:

  • serves on the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Permit Board.
  • comments on construction and development activities which may negatively affect the state's native species and their habitats to minimize any harmful impacts.
  • examines the potential effects nonnative invasive species may have on the state's native fish and wildlife resources and habitats necessary for healthy plant and animal populations.
  • identifies land use patterns and the use of the state's water resources, particularly land use conversions and instream flow.
  • consults with other state agencies on fish kills and fish consumption advisories and the wise utilization of the state's Public Trust resources.

A critical aspect of this program is the maintenance of the Natural Heritage Program database which documents the presence of state and federally endangered, threatened species and also those species of special concern. Mississippi had one of the first such databases in the United States. Federal laws require that projects using Federal funds subject such projects to an environmental review using the information contained in the Natural Heritage Program database.

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