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Aliceville Lake

Monday, November 28, 2016 9:49 AM

Late Fall/Winter fishing report: Aliceville during the winter is just like Aberdeen and Columbus. There just aren't many anglers fishing. However, a big difference is Luxapalila Creek, which comes into the Aliceville pool on the upper end of the lake. Abundant spotted bass will readily bite during the colder months and can provide some action when none can be found on the lake. But, just like the previous 2 TTW lakes, several days of warmer weather can trigger the bass and crappie to feed. The shallow pockets on the lower end of Aliceville (Camp Pratt river run, Coalfire creek, Rivermont) tend to warm up quicker and can provide some good action during the cold months. Weekly fishing reports will pick back up the first week of February. A reminder for the catfish anglers, that Aliceville is a shared waterbody with Alabama, so the 1 catfish over 34 inch rule applies here.


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