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Bee Lake - 10/17/2017 8:33:47 AM

Bee Lake Fishing Report

With better weather in the last few days more anglers have been getting out on the lake. Cooler temperatures are helping crappie fishermen some. Bass fishermen are having better luck. Bream fishing is pretty good at this point. More and more anglers are heading out with a bucket full of crickets with hopes of coming in with a cooler full. Catfish anglers are still having steady success.

Majority of the anglers that are catching crappie are trolling along the outside edges of the cypress trees. These anglers are fishing in about 8-10 feet of water and are fishing about 6 feet deep. You may also try jigging in brush piles in 4-6 feet of water. Minnows or jigs are the normal choices for bait at Bee.

For bass, try fishing soft plastics around the cypress trees or around the docks and piers in the northern arm of the lake in water 4 - 6 feet deep. You may also try spinnerbaits or jigs near downed logs or brush piles near the shoreline.

For bream, try using crickets or red worms and fishing around the deep cypress knees. Bream fishing is starting to pick up. Bream are bedding up in shallow waters. Find that bed and you may sit there for a while continuously pulling them out of the water.

For catfish, try fishing near culverts or pipes with flowing water into the lake, as catfish like to stack up around these areas.  Worms, chicken livers, or stink bait are all good choices for bait.

There is a $5 launch fee to use the ramp at Bee Lake.

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