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Enid Lake

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 5:26 PM

Water level 241.80 ft, stable, 6.6 ft below rule curve Tuesday. Expect rapid water level rises and drawdowns as rain events happen and the Corps tries to achieve and maintain rule curve; it should rise from 235 ft March 1 to summer pool (250 ft) May 1. For water level information, call (662)563-4571 or check at for a table or for a graph. Be sure to check the date on the table as it is not always updated daily.

This past weekend's rains were not enough to raise the water level, much less push it up to rule curve. The water should continue to clear up unless we get another significant rain with runoff.

Longbranch Bait and Tackle (662)710-8112 reports a few crappie are still spawning in the shallows, but most are smaller fish. As usual, most bigger crappie spawn earlier and smaller fish move in later. The few bigger crappie that have not spawned yet should be spawning about 5 ft deep unless we get another significant water rise; smaller crappie should be spawning less than 5 ft deep. Jigging and wading the major creeks and pockets with bright colored (black/chartreuse, black/orange, etc.) jigs and/or minnows in newly flooded grass may yield mostly short fish; larger fish, mostly post-spawn, can be taken jigging or trolling larger baits over dropoffs out from spawning areas. There is a Magnolia Crappie Club tournament on Enid Saturday. Most White Bass have been taken incidentally by crappie anglers, but some are still up in the creeks and river where they can be taken on jigs, spinners, or small crankbaits. There are no size or number limits on White Bass. No reports on Largemouth Bass, but expect some to be in the shallow, flooded grass in the backs of creek coves and pockets where spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, or soft plastics should work. Catfishing should be good fishing worms and other baits in newly flooded areas with a variety of techniques (lines, noodles, rod-and-reel). Some catfish have moved to the rip-rap rocks to spawn in the holes where worms under a bobber will tempt them.

The spillway had one gate open 0.25 ft (50 cfs) Tuesday. Few reports down here. Be aware the old fishing pier is gone and a new one is under construction. For crappie, fish jigs and/or minnows near the rocks. Catfishing is best in eddies on natural bait. For White Bass, fish small crankbaits, jigs, or tailspinners in faster current; below the "waterfall" is a good spot. Fish for Largemouth or Spotted Bass on the rocks with crankbaits or a jig-n-pig.

The daily creel limit for crappie is 15 per person. Crappie must be over 12 inches. Anglers may use no more than 4 poles per person and no more than 2 hooks or lures per pole. There is a 40 crappie per boat limit for boats with 3 or more anglers. The 12 inch length limit does not apply to the reservoir spillway, but the spillway has a 15 crappie creel limit.

Limits on Black Bass (Largemouth and Spotted) are statewide limits: no size limit, 10 fish per person daily.

Contact the COE office (662)563-4571 for accessible ramps at current water levels.

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