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Fishing Report

Holmes County State Park Lake - 6/27/2017 1:36:16 PM

English Lake (45 acres) is located four miles south of Durant and east of Interstate 55 exit 150. The fishery features numerous small Largemouth Bass and good size Bluegill, Redear Sunfish and Channel Catfish. Due to the presence of gizzard shad, trophy Largemouth Bass are present as well. A smaller lake (16 acres) is also located above English Lake. This fishery is also stocked with Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, and Channel Catfish. 


MDWFP has lowered the water level in English Lake to a level of 5 feet below normal pool until repairs to the spillway are completed.

The boat ramp will remain open, but boaters should use extreme caution when launching and loading their boats due to shallow water conditions.



Bass catch has started improving.   Crank baits or spinner baits fished along ledges and points from the bank that contain structure should be productive.   Soft plastics or jig and pig combos are producing some good catches in these areas. Continued  success is being reported around the new structures and the boat ramp, with minnows being the  bait of interest.  Recently good numbers of fish in the one to two pound range have been coming in.


The bream have been biting off the levee over the last week.  Bream should be targeted at depths of 3 -5 ft.  Tight-lining with crickets or worms along the dam and near brush tops are proving productive .  Bream fishing has also been reported to be good over the last several week off the pier and near the boat ramp.


Try catfish in deeper water along creek channels. Liver, worms, or other types of blood baits can be very effective late in the afternoon around dusk.  The east side of lake has been the best producer over the past several weeks.  Some success has been recently reported over the last week.



Crappie should be targeted around deep structure and creek channels during this time of year.  Fish may be anywhere in the water column so try multiple depths until fish are located. Trolling in these areas with jigs or minnows are very productive ways to harvest crappie this time of year. No current report at this time.


Structures like these were placed at Holmes Co. St. Pk. Lake on 2/14/17.

A depth map for English Lake can be accessed at the link below.

Lake Depth Map

  Four different groups of artificial structures along with natural habitat were added on 2/14/17.  The coordinates for these are listed below.

Artificial Structures                      Hardwood Structures

33.26060  89.92582                   33.02605   89.92605

33.02819  89.92832                   33.02834   89.92811

33.02828  89.92457                   33.02850   89.92450

33.02915  89.92441                   33.02932   89.92430