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Fishing Report

JP Coleman/Pickwick Lake - 7/24/2017 3:45:00 PM

Pickwick Lake elevation: 413.95 ft. and holding at the time of this report. Despite the oppressive heat, a few anglers are still finding a quality fish or two during the day. It took 17.60lbs to win a local, 3-fish limit team tournament at Pickwick this past Saturday. Anglers are still using a variety of tactics and lures to trigger bites along the ledges and humps, but the bites are getting hard to come by due to the fishing pressure and heat. Some techniques seem to work better than others on certain days so don’t be afraid to try a different technique other than what’s been working for you the last time you were there. Techniques like stroking a swimbait and flutter spoon, 10 - 14” Texas-rigged and shakyhead worms, and of course dragging a Carolina-rig and football head jig all seem to get a bite or two. Most are targeting water depths of about 15 – 25 ft in depth. Not all ledges and humps are holding fish, so you may have to fish a few to finally find a school. The night bite is continuing to be decent as anglers are catching some quality smallmouths and largemouths after dark on a variety of lures like dark colored spinnerbaits and jigs. The catfish bite has fallen off a little but is still fair. The jug and rod-n-reel crowd are having some success on strawberry flavored chicken and cut/whole shad and skipjack herring. Not many crappie anglers are braving the heat, but the ones that are, are targeting suspended fish in Yellow and Bear Creeks by trolling/drifting minnows and jigs in 20 – 30 ft of water. The white bass bite had been better this year than in years past. Anglers are fishing a lot of the same ledges that largemouth bass anglers are. Anglers are using ¾-1 oz. jigging spoons, Alabama rigs rigged with small swimbaits, and rattletraps for the white bass. Some surface schooling activity is being reported as well.


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