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Fishing Report

Lake Charlie Capps - 6/22/2017 8:07:54 AM


Bream fishing has been excellent at Capps the past couple weeks!  Several parties are catching 30 - 50 big bream in a morning. Try fishing near the bottom with crickets or red worms in water 2 to 4 feet deep.  Boat anglers are having the most success, but some bank anglers are finding beds near the shoreline too, especially along the back side of the lake.   Some anglers in boats are picking up some good fish along the ridge of shallower water out from the dam. 



Bass fishing remains fair to good at Capps and fish are moving into their summertime patterns.  Best bite is early morning or late afternoon. Soft plastics fished along the shoreline, especially on whatever bank is out of the wind, is usually productive.  Top water lures like a buzz bait are also starting to catch a few.    Creel limit is 5 fish per day of any size....keep some of the small ones to help us thin out the numbers.



Crappie fishing is slow.  Only the hybrid Magnolia crappie are in Capps, and they are all nice and healthy looking and around 1-2 pounds in size.  Try them from a boat in water greater than 5 feet in depth with jigs or minnows.


A depth map of Lake Charlie Capps can be found at the following link: Capps Depth Map


Creel Limits:    

  • Bass - 5 per day
  • Bream - 100 per day
  • Crappie - 20 per day 
Only bank fishing and non-motorized boats may be used.

All anglers except those exempt from purchasing a fishing license must carry on their person an annual Wildlife Management Area user permit to fish at Lake Charlie Capps.  These are available wherever hunting and fishing license are sold.