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Lake Lincoln State Park

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:10 PM

For more detailed information please contact the Park Office at (601) 643-9044

Temperature: Not available

Visibility: Not available


10.5 lincoln bass

Above:  This 10.5 pound bass was caught on a 16' jig pole.

Bass fishing is fair on spinnerbaits, flukes, and soft plastic worms and lizards in shallow and medium depths.


Bream fishing is fair.  Some anglers are having success fishing at night.  Crickets and worms are the best baits.


Crappie fishing has slowed down some.  Minnows and jigs are both working well.

Lincoln crappie


No reports on catfish, but Lake Lincoln has some nice ones. Fishing around the island should produce some fish.  Worms or cutbait fished on the bottom are the baits of choice.

Click here for a lake depth map.

Many fish attractor sites were created in 2011, 2015, and 2016. Many were marked with GPS and the coordinates are listed below.   Be sure your GPS is set to read decimal degrees (shown below) and not degrees-minutes-seconds when attempting to locate these attractors.

 2016 L.Lincoln fish attractors


 31.68244N  90.33452W            31.68119N 90.33363W
 31.68359N  90.32577 W           31.68923N  90.32704W
 31.68854N  90.32812W            31.68641N  90.32838W
 31.68555N  90.33482W            31.68615N  90.33572W
 31.68636N  90.33631W            31.68235N  90.33931W
 31.68163N  90.33286W            31.68714N  90.33889W
 31.68564N  90.34160W            31.68773N  90.34068W
 31.68834N  90.34014W


31.686371N    90.342832W      31.686216N    90.342427W

31.686700N    90.344174W      31.686742N    90.344383W

31.687083N    90.338932W      31.687271N    90.338780W

31.688252N    90.339651W      31.687964N    90.340410W

31.687860N    90.340297W      31.686948N    90.337655W

31.685357N    90.332758W      31.685790N    90.334282W

31.684320N    90.330282W      31.689012N    90.326904W

31.687161N    90.327620W      31.68395N      90.32569W

31.68237N      90.32540W        31.682422N    90.339712W

31.682382N    90.340029W      31.682391N    90.340286W

31.682311N    90.340676W      31.682894N    90.342308W

31.682851N    90.343119W      31.685536N    90.339867W

31.682529N    90.338604W      31.681592N    90.335060W

31.681175N    90.334089W


31.685285N   90.340728W

31.685154N   90.342220W

31.683188N   90.337074W

31.682553N   90.334878W

31.682607N   90.332458W

31.683806N   90.331160W

31.684162N   90.332965W

31.68031N     90.32635W

31.67811N     90.32792W


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