Fishing & Boating

Fishing Report

Lake Whittington - 6/14/2017 3:40:10 PM

The MS river is at 31.1 feet and falling on the Arkansas City gauge.

Little Man's landing is still experiencing high water but you should be able to launch from the landing now

Not many reports are coming in from Lake Whittington at this time since the water has been very high. Fishing reports will be updated once we get more anglers back out on the water.

Some bass anglers are having some success on the eastern shore around submerged structure and near the piers. Fishing should continue to improve as the temperatures continue to rise.

Current Conditions

Contact the Benoit Outing Club bait shop at (662) 742 - 3752 for current conditions.

River Access

Anglers can navigate the chute to/from the river when the river is at or above 6 feet on the Arkansas City Gauge. As the river drops below 6 feet access through the chute gets extremely difficult.  When the lake is at a level equivalent to 6 feet (Ark. City gauge) you can get from one end of the lake to the other, but beware of very shallow water around the flats at Burnt Island (up lake from Benoit Outing Club & Goat Island). At a lake level equivalent to 3 feet (Ark. City gauge), a narrow channel runs through the flats at Burnt Island and very shallow water is present above the ironwood forest (beginning near the Outing Club and old sunken barge), and further down the lake in the flat below the old pump pier (where the poles are).