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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:17 PM


Bass are still being caught in shallow flats, vegetation mats, pad stems, and grass.   Try fishing flukes and lizards in the vegetation.  Early morning buzzbaits or ribbit frogs are always good on Barnett as well.  Some bass are still spawning at this time. 

 crappie apr 13

These 4 crappie recently caught were the biggest in a nice days catch for this young couple. 


Crappie are still being taken off the ledges as well as in the grass. Try fishing minnows or jigs in the shallow vegetation.  White or chartreuse are always good colors.  Anglers have also been catching fish along the rocks of the bay, the dam, and Hwy 43.



Try for catfish in deep timber with jigs or minnows fished next to the bottom. Fish can also be targeted with jugs out in the open water by floating them through stump fields. Worms and blood baits can be very productive. Trot lines and poles fished along flats adjacent to the river channel and above Hwy 43 in old oxbow lakes are also good ways to harvest many quality catfish. Special regulations apply to parts of Ross Barnett for trotlines, throw lines, set hooks, limb lines, fffd's, jugs and yo-yos. Please check in advance before using these devices.



Bream fishing has started to take off with the warmer temps.  Try fishing a little outside the edges of the grass lines with crickets and worms.


mixed bream

This mixed catch of bluegill, redear, and catfish was taken last Saturday.


 Spillway Update

Release rate as of Tuesday was 255 cfs.  The water is down and both sides are open.


spillway crappie


Crappie are being caught fishing in the current breaks and eddies with white jigs or minnows.                                                                                                        

Channel catfish are biting worms, minnows, and cutbait off the rocks as always.  Flathead catfish can be caught using large live shiners.  Large blue catfish can be targeted using large cutbait.  Target catfish by either tightlining on the bottom or dropping bait from the surface using a cork.  Tightlining can be risky when fishing in the spillway due to the amount of line tangled in the rocks.


 spillway catfish



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