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Tunica Cutoff - 4/17/2019 4:26:04 PM

The Mississippi River was at 29.3 ft (Memphis gauge) Wednesday. It is supposed to rise to 30.9 ft by Monday. With the weir, the Mississippi River will not enter the Cutoff until it rises over 6 ft (Memphis gauge). Flood stage is 34 ft. Best fishing is usually on a slow fall from 15 to 10 ft. For the river level and 5 day forecast, call (901)544-0408 (press 2) or check

Charlie's Camp and Bordeaux (Tait) ramps are the only ones open to the public. Use the honor boxes. Bait is now available across the levee.

The Mississippi River is below flood stage this week, but all ramps and some parking lots are still flooded. Be patient and wait for the river and lake to fall.

As of 2/26/2019, recreational boat traffic has been temporarily suspended on the Mississippi River, its tributaries and oxbow lakes or other lakes and waterways that are influenced and/or affected by high water of the river. The suspension only impacts recreational boating and not boating that is related to transportation to and from homes. All boating activity that is allowed on the suspended waterways shall be conducted in accordance with a "dead slow, leave no wake" standard.

Refer to the MDWFP home page for any changes to this suspension.

In August, 2018, there was an Asian carp kill on Tunica Cutoff, other Mississippi River oxbows, and in the river itself. These kills have been occurring almost every year in late summer. Investigation of previous kills revealed bacteria as the cause. Time will tell if there will be any effects on the carp or other fish.

Memphis District Corps personnel allow placement of artificial fish habitat. When you can get back in the lake is a good time to sweeten your favorite spots; remember to save GPS waypoints if you have the capability.

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Biologists use various sampling methods to assess the fish populations in the State’s waters. Sampling results for selected water bodies are summarized in Reel Facts Sheets.

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