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Delta Region

Nathan Aycock
Project Manager

Darrin Hardesty
Conservation Biologist

Chad Washington
Associate Biologist

The Delta fishery management region covers an eleven county area in western Mississippi that contains the majority of the historic Mississippi River floodplain found within the state of Mississippi, as well as the adjacent Holmes County in west-central Mississippi. This unique region offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities and other outdoor activities. Many large oxbow lakes created by the Mississippi River can be found both inside and outside the Mississippi River levee, and hundreds of smaller oxbow lakes created by other rivers are scattered throughout the region. These lakes can provide excellent fishing for crappie, bass, bream, and other fish species, and also contain breathtaking views of native wildlife and ancient cypress forests dripping with Spanish moss. Rivers such as the Yazoo, Tallahatchie, Sunflower, and Yalobusha lazily meander through the flat landscape and support large populations of catfish, which are commonly sought after with hook and line, trotlines, jugs, and hand grabbling. The two state parks in this region (Leroy Percy State Park and Holmes County State Park) all have lakes stocked with largemouth bass, bream, and catfish, and are great places for a weekend getaway. The abundance and diversity of fishing opportunities make the Mississippi Delta a great place to wet a line and reconnect with nature.