Predator & Habitat Management

Workshop topics will include wild turkey and bobwhite quail biology, beneficial habitat management practices, food plot strategies, and case studies from properties which have managed successfully for these species. Discussions of predators and predator management will also be featured, including how-to demonstrations of important trapping skills and techniques.

Don't Blame Predators for Poor Turkey Habitat

Friday, February 24, 2017 8:00 AM
Most turkey hunters would agree that wild turkeys are undoubtedly one of the wariest game species in the woods. It is this natural cautious tendency that makes them such a challenge to pursue, and is one of the primary reasons so many hunters leave the turkey woods shaking their heads in defeat and confusion each spring.

MS Outdoors Video: Supplemental Planting

Friday, February 24, 2017 8:00 AM
In this episode biologists from MDWFP and MSU Wildlife Extension take a look food plots and things hunters should think about before, during, and after planting to make their food plots a success.

Video: How to Set Dog-Proof Raccoon and Possum Traps

Thursday, February 23, 2017 8:00 AM
Brad Rogers may be the Mayor of Pearl, but he is also avid trapper and outdoorsman. In this video he gives a set by step guide to setting a dog-proof trap for raccoons and possums.

Wild Hogs, the Ultimate Predator?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 3:00 PM
So, what makes this predator such a threat to its surrounding habitat? Wild hogs are considered opportunistic omnivores, which basically means they can (and do) eat almost anything they happen across.

6 Common Mistakes Trappers Should Avoid

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 12:00 PM
Trappers are responsible for their own actions. In addition, all trappers will be judged - to a greater or lesser extent - by the actions of each individual. Each trapper is therefore accountable not only to himself, but to all other trappers.

An Intricate Balance Between Predator and Prey

Friday, February 17, 2017 3:00 PM
Simply removing or attempting to remove a predator species from the landscape does not guarantee that it will benefit the prey species. In fact, the long-term result may be just the opposite.

The following points are keys to trapping in a responsible and ethical manner.

State fish and wildlife agencies and USDA’s Wildlife Services program are conducting a national effort to develop Best Management Practices (BMPs) for regulated trapping in the United States. This effort is identifying and promoting the very best technology available to capture wildlife.

Video: MS Outdoors "Kemper County Turkey Hunt"

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 12:00 PM
We followed Charles Rigdon for some Turkey Hunting in Kemper County on this segment from the latest season of Mississippi Outdoors.

Brad Rogers may be the Mayor of Pearl, but he is also an avid trapper and outdoorsman. In this video he provides an in-depth tutorial on setting a foothold trap for catching foxes, coyotes, and bobcats.

Ecology & Management of the Northern Bobwhite

Friday, February 10, 2017 12:00 PM
Abundant bobwhite populations were once an accidental byproduct of land management practices as early settlers carved out small family farms in large expanses of southeastern forestland. Just as human activity once accidentally created good habitat for bobwhites, changes in the ways we use land have diminished bobwhite habitat quality.

In this segment of Mississippi Outdoors we follow MDWFP Biologists and learn how proper land management can benefit game animals.

Video: MS Outdoors "Predator Trapping Basics"

Thursday, February 09, 2017 12:00 PM
In this segment of Mississippi Outdoors, we road along with trappers from the Mississippi Trappers Association to learn their tricks behind successful trapping.

Old-Field Management

Wednesday, February 08, 2017 3:00 PM
Instead of watching deer browse the edge of a field, and instead of waiting for deer to come to a field from a distant thicket in the woods, why not create a field of cover and food, naturally?

John Gruchy, MDWFP Private Lands Program Coordinator, presents "Strategies for Managing Habitat and Predator Populations to Benefit Target Species."

Video: Why is Prescribed Burning Important?

Tuesday, February 07, 2017 12:00 PM
MDWFP Private lands coordinator John Gruchy, explains how prescribed burning can be one of the most useful tools when it comes to wildlife habitat management.

Wild Turkey Habitat and Management

Monday, February 06, 2017 3:00 PM
Wild turkeys can be found across a variety of different habitat types within Mississippi. However, they do depend upon specific habitat types at different times throughout the year, and the lack of these components can limit turkey populations within a given area.

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks and Mississippi State University Extension Service will offer two workshops for those interested in better understanding and managing wild turkeys on their properties.

A Bird's Eye View of Deer Habitat Quality

Friday, February 03, 2017 3:00 PM
Research shows that regional land-use trends influence deer antler size, and habitat management on your hunting land will produce more quality whitetails.

Explore "Wildlife Conservation and Predator Management" in this segment from the latest season of Mississippi Outdoors.

Introduction to Habitat Management

Thursday, February 02, 2017 8:00 AM
It is hard these days to read any article about hunting and not read something about the importance of habitat management. Wildlife biologists and managers frequently stress habitat management, but what is habitat? Most people know they should be managing their habitat, but few know what this really means, much less how to do it.

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks has an 80 year plus history of conservation success. Their mission statement is to conserve and enhance Mississippi's Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. Provide quality outdoor recreation and engage the public in natural resource conservation.

Amidst growing concern for populations of wild turkeys and other wildlife species, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) seeks to begin a new initiative aimed at encouraging hunters and landowners to undertake management practices to boost numbers of sought-after game species.

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