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Wildlife & Hunting

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Funding Keeps WMAs Open
Tuesday February 17, 2015
JACKSON— Mississippi's system of wildlife management areas (WMAs) includes mitigation lands owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and managed by MDWFP. This unique partnership between state and federal agencies allows USACE to continue their flood protection and navigation activities in the state. This arrangement also provides habitat for a variety of species, including waterfowl, deer, and small game, and offers important public recreational opportunities, and supplies economic benefits to local communities.

Prescribed Burning to Take Place in Northeast WMA Region
Tuesday February 03, 2015
JACKSON – Smoke will soon be rising from Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in northeast Mississippi.

MDWFP and MSU to Host Quail and Turkey Workshop
Friday January 30, 2015
JACKSON – The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) and Mississippi State University Extension Service are hosting a workshop to teach landowners how to better manage their property for bobwhite quail and wild turkeys. “Managing Quail and Turkey in Mississippi” will be presented February 27 from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the MDWFP Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson. Topics to be covered include turkey and quail biology, habitat management, and incorporating wildlife management into profitable forestry and agricultural practices. Landowners will also learn about the impacts of predation on game bird populations as well as the answers to commonly asked questions about pen-raised quail, supplemental feeding, and food plots.

MDWFP and MS Prescribed Fire Council to Host Fire Workshops
Friday January 30, 2015
JACKSON – The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP), Mississippi Prescribed Fire Council, and other partners including the Mississippi State University Extension Service and Mississippi Forestry Commission are hosting workshops to educate landowners about prescribed fire. These workshops will be held in Monroe, Newton, Copiah, and Amite counties on Saturday February 28, 2015, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day is January 31
Tuesday January 27, 2015
JACKSON – The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) would like to remind everyone that all Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) with waterfowl hunting opportunity will be open for the final statewide youth waterfowl hunting day of the season on January 31, 2015. Adults are encouraged to participate by taking a youth under the age of 16 to experience waterfowl hunting on public or private lands.

Wildlife Management Area Turkey Hunting Applications Available
Monday January 26, 2015
JACKSON – The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) is accepting applications for permitted turkey hunting on selected Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). Permitted turkey hunts are offered to provide a quality turkey hunting experience and are available on 19 WMAs across the state. To participate in these hunts, applicants must apply online at www.mdwfp.com/draws before February 15and have a valid Mississippi hunting license before applying for a WMA draw hunt.

Third White-tailed Deer Gun Season Opens December 24
Tuesday December 16, 2014
JACKSON – Mississippi’s third white-tailed deer gun hunting season will open December 24 and run through January 21. Hunting with dogs is allowed during this season. Legal deer include legal bucks and antlerless deer on private lands, and legal bucks only on open public lands.

Live Webcam Offers Glimpse of Waterfowl in the Mississippi Delta
Friday December 12, 2014
JACKSON – Waterfowl are continually arriving on many Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in the Delta to make Mississippi their winter home. A special video camera was installed on one of these WMAs to give the public a live look at the lives of waterfowl and other waterbirds in the Delta. This is the first time that this technology has been used to give the public the opportunity to view live footage of wintering ducks on public lands that are open to hunting.

Access Improvements Made on Pascagoula River WMA (1)
Tuesday December 09, 2014
JACKSON – The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) recently made road improvements on Pascagoula River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) located in George and Jackson counties. Deep Slough and Big Slough Roads in the Jackson County portion of the WMA received numerous renovations. Many of the WMA’s roads lie within the floodplain of the Pascagoula River and are frequently damaged during winter and spring flooding. Road maintenance is a year-round task for WMA personnel as MDWFP strives to provide adequate access for user activities and management needs. Further access improvements are planned for the George County portion of the WMA in the following months.

Primitive Weapons Season for Deer Opens December 2
Monday December 01, 2014
JACKSON – The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) reminds hunters that the statewide Primitive Weapons Season for deer opens December 2 and runs through December 15 in all three Deer Management Zones. Antlerless deer and zone-legal bucks are eligible for harvest. Hunters may take one legal buck per day not to exceed three per license year. On private lands, the antlerless deer bag limit is five per license year with no daily limit. On U.S. Forest Service lands, the antlerless bag limit is one per day, not to exceed three per year.

Mississippi’s Duck Season Starting Soon
Friday November 14, 2014
JACKSON- Mississippi’s duck hunting season opens Thursday, November 27, 2014. Many waterfowl hunters are anxiously waiting, due to record breeding population estimates last spring. However, hunters should remember that winter severity and local habitat availability also play a major role in how many ducks make their way to Mississippi.

Prescribed Burning and Vegetative Mulching Conducted on Marion County WMA
Friday November 14, 2014
JACKSON – Marion County Wildlife Management Area (WMA), located south of Columbia, is the only state-owned WMA in Mississippi that is predominately forested with longleaf pine. At Marion County WMA, prescribed fire is the primary tool used by Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) personnel to maintain desirable habitat conditions in the area’s longleaf forests. Prescribed burning reduces competition from undesirable woody plant species, reduces potential of wildfire, reduces disease risk for longleaf pine seedlings, and promotes growth of desirable herbaceous vegetation favorable to many wildlife species.

White-tailed Deer Gun Season Opens November 22
Friday November 14, 2014
JACKSON – For Mississippi’s 2014 – 2015 hunting season, the first white-tailed deer gun season opens November 22 and closes December 1. Hunting with dogs is allowed during this season. Legal deer include legal bucks and antlerless deer on private lands and only legal bucks on open public lands.

Mississippi Deer Archery Seasons Open October 1 & 15
Tuesday September 23, 2014
JACKSON – Many Mississippians are looking forward to the opening of deer archery season on October 1 for the Hill and Delta Zones and October 15 for the Southeast Zone. Longbows, recurves, compound bows, and crossbows are all considered legal archery equipment and can be used during all seasons for deer. There is no minimum or maximum draw weight, no minimum arrow length, and fixed or mechanical broadheads may be used.

Squirrel Season Opens October 1
Tuesday September 23, 2014
JACKSON – The 2014 – 2015 Mississippi squirrel hunting season opens soon. Squirrel hunting is a great way to spend time with family and introduce new hunters to the outdoors. Squirrel hunters will notice some changes to the season this year.

Be Legal this Dove Season
Thursday August 28, 2014
JACKSON – All Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks conservation officers will be working with federal officers during Mississippi’s dove seasons to ensure hunters are in compliance with state and federal hunting laws. Before hunting migratory game birds, hunters need to be sure their hunting license is current for the 2014-15 hunting seasons, complete with Harvest Information Program (HIP) certification. HIP certification is required for hunting all migratory game birds and is required for each state hunted. HIP certification is completed when, upon purchasing a license, hunters are asked questions about their migratory game bird harvest from the previous hunting season. The most frequent citation written in Mississippi has been no hunting license. This violation has a direct impact on conservation due to the loss of Federal Aid dollars to the state. Hunters should also be sure shotguns are not capable of holding more than three shells and should be aware of how their hunting field was prepared

Dove Hunting Opportunities on Wildlife Management Areas
Tuesday August 26, 2014
JACKSON – Opening day of dove season is one of the most anticipated and popular hunting days of the year for many Mississippians. Dove season brings the first hunting opportunity of the fall as the long and hot Mississippi summer comes to a close. One goal of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks is to provide quality outdoor recreation. Providing safe, high quality opportunities for dove hunters on our Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) is a key part of this goal. Many WMAs are open to dove hunting, but 16 of these areas have designated, prepared dove fields. These 16 WMAs include Black Prairie, Canal Section, Charles Ray Nix, Copiah County, Divide Section, Hell Creek, Howard Miller, Indianola, Leroy Percy, Mahannah, Malmaison, Muscadine Farms, Okatibbee, O’Keefe, Tuscumbia, and Yockanookany.

Deer Hunting Applications Available for Canemount WMA
Wednesday August 13, 2014
JACKSON - Canemount Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is composed of approximately 3,500 acres located in the Loess Bluffs of Claiborne County near the Mississippi River. These hills have very deep and fertile top soil with a very high component of cherrybark oak in the timber stands. The Canemount property has a long history of trophy deer management. Hunting Canemount WMA will be a totally unique hunting experience compared to other WMAs. Hunters looking for a truly special hunting opportunity with a high chance of seeing and harvesting game should look no further than Canemount WMA.