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Monday, April 21, 2014

Habitat Improvement Projects Scheduled at Copiah County WMA

JACKSON - Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) personnel have begun conducting prescribed burns on selected areas of Copiah County Wildlife Management Area (WMA).  The seasonal, controlled use of fire is essential to enhancing and maintaining habitat for numerous game and non-game wildlife species.  Prescribed burning reduces competition from undesirable woody plant species, reduces the potential of wildfire, reduces the disease risk for longleaf pine seedlings, and promotes the growth of desirable herbaceous vegetation favorable to many wildlife species.


Additional prescribed burns are planned for the next few months on Copiah County WMA.  Most prescribed burning conducted by the MDWFP occurs during February and March while vegetation is still in its dormant stage.  However, prescribed burning is often used during the growing season to more effectively control undesirable woody species.  


A timber harvest is also scheduled for the summer of 2014 on Copiah County WMA.  MDWFP personnel have conducted timber inventory cruises and prioritized areas that need to be thinned. Three timber stands on the WMA have been prepared for thinning. Timber thinning not only improves forest health but improves wildlife habitat as well by opening the forest canopy and allowing sunlight to penetrate the ground.  Sunlight along with soil disturbance promotes the growth of desirable vegetation that provides food and cover for many wildlife species.


For more information regarding wildlife management areas in Mississippi, visit our website at www.mdwfp.com/wma or call us at (601) 432-2199.  

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