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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

MDWFP Recognizes Dove and Wood Duck Banders of the Year

The Mississippi Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks recently recognized the 2010 and 2011 Mourning Dove and Wood Duck Bander of the Year at their April meeting in Jackson.  "The MDWFP and our partners work hard to band wood ducks and mourning doves each year" stated MDWFP Wildlife Bureau Director Ed Penny, "and these awards recognize the individuals that band the most birds each year.  Ducks and doves are captured, then fitted with aluminum leg bands and released."  Important information about migration and survival is obtained when these birds are harvested and reported by hunters.

Chad Masley, MDWFP Assistant WMA Biologist from Tupelo, was named 2010 Dove Bander of the Year, and Ramon Pierce, Sardis Lake U.S. Army Corps and Engineers Natural Resource Specialist, was named 2011 Dove Bander of the Year. Corporal Tyler Norman, MDWFP Conservation Officer from Newton County, was named 2010 and 2011 Wood Duck Bander of the Year for banding the highest number of ducks during both years.  Corporal Norman received a framed print from Ducks Unlimited, and Masley and Pierce received a plaque from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Foundation for Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks also provided award recipients with a gift.

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