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Monday, July 23, 2012

WMA User Permit Required for Visitors to Pascagoula River WMA
JACKSON - Pascagoula River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all across Mississippi and surrounding states.  The Pascagoula River, its tributaries, oxbow lakes, and over 35,000 acres of bottomland hardwood forests provide ample recreation opportunities for visitors to the WMA.  Whether hunting, fishing, canoeing, or just enjoying a family picnic on a sandbar; Pascagoula River WMA offers something for everyone.
Visitors to Pascagoula River WMA need to be aware of special regulations that apply to all WMAs.  All visitors to WMAs, except those exempt from purchasing an annual hunting or fishing license, must purchase and carry an annual statewide WMA User Permit.  WMA user permits may be purchased wherever hunting and fishing licenses are sold.  The cost of a WMA User Permit is $15 for residents and $30 for non-residents.  WMA User Permits are valid for one year from date of purchase, and are valid for all 51 WMAs in the state.  Fees collected from the purchase of WMA User Permits help defray the costs of management activities on WMAs. 
Additionally, visitors must complete a daily visitor use permit card before entering the WMA. These permit cards are available at permit stations located at major entrances to the WMA.

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