Fishing & Boating

10 Boating Safety Tips

4/10/2017 2:52:19 PM

#1 Be Weather Wise

Always check local weather conditions.

#2 Follow a Pre-Departure Checklist 

Be prepared for any possibilities on water.

#3 Use Common Sense 

Know your surroundings and operate at safe speeds.

#4 Designate an Assistant Skipper

Make sure more than one person can operate the boat.

#5 Develop a Float Plan

Inform someone you can trust of your boat trip details.

#6 Make Proper Use of Lifejackets

Majority of drowning victims were not wearing PFDs.

#7 Avoid Alcohol

Chances of being in an accident doubles if alcohol is involved.

#8 Learn to Swim

Find a class at a YMCA or Red Cross.

#9 Consider a Free Safety Check

Safety checks are offered by U.S. Coast Guard.

#10 Make Sure You Have Your Boater Registration - Take a Boating Safety Course

In Mississippi, if you were born after June 30, 1980, you are required to take an initial boater education class before you can obtain boat registration.

Boater education prevents accidents and saves lives. All boaters have a responsibility to learn about boat operation, communications, navigation, and life-saving techniques before taking to water. Those without boater education put themselves and others at risk.