Paddlefish Egg Harvest Season
11/1/2017 11:33:23 AM
The 2017-2018 Mississippi Paddlefish egg harvest season will open on November 20 and close April 10. Areas open for Paddlefish egg harvest are the Mississippi River (to include all public waters between the main line levees of the Mississippi River along the Mississippi-Arkansas border) and the Yazoo River Basin Harvest Zone.
The Yazoo River Basin Harvest Zone includes Bear Creek, the Sunflower, Coldwater, Tallahatchie, and Yazoo Rivers; however, some public waters within this zone are closed to paddlefish harvest. Fishermen are encouraged to call the MDWFP Fisheries Bureau office at (601) 432-2200 or visit our website at to learn which areas are closed.
Special paddlefish permits are required to participate in this fishery, and people interested in harvesting paddlefish are required to attend a meeting to review the rules regarding seasons, harvest gear, processing, and reporting requirements. Paddlefish are commercially caught in gill or trammel nets and are valued for their eggs, which are processed into caviar. 
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