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This page offers games, puzzles, and other fun activities related to the museum's permanent and special exhibits for Pre-K through high school students. These activities highlight things that you can see in the Museum and in nature.

Visit the Kids Corner often to check out new activities and news about the Museum! We will be adding resources and downloads regularly.




TURKEY ACTIVITY SHEET: Download this fun activity sheet to learn more about turkeys.

FALL LEAVES SCAVENGER HUNT: There are many types of tree leaves. Download this PDF and go outside to find the leaf shapes shown. Check them off as you find them. If you find different leaves, draw them in the blank space.

GROWING WILD IT'S A SMALL WORLD: Download this PDF and explore the outdoor world beneath your feet!


Museum Gift Shop: Want to inject more STEM fun into your summer? Our gift shop is officially open for curbside pickup orders as of June 3, 2020. Click here for details.

YouTube: Check out the museum's creature features and other videos on our YouTube channel.

FACEBOOK: Click here to check out the museum's Facebook page for educational videos and other resources. 

MUSEUM EMAIL LIST: Click here to get museum news.

MUSEUM VIRTUAL TOUR: Click here to virtually tour the museum on Google Maps using Streetview. 

VENOMOUS SNAKES OF MS: Click here for photo and article


Box Turtle Coloring Sheet

Green Tree Frog Coloring Sheet


How Do They Move ActivityAnimals move in different ways depending on how they’ve adapted to where they live. Download this fun role-playing activity that lets you feel what it’s like to be an animal on the move!

Chameleon Vision Activity: Did you ever wonder why you have two eyes that face forward? Why people don't have two eyes on the top of their heads? One reason is that two eyes facing forward helps you to see depth. Learn how two eyes working together judge distance better than one eye working alone.


Make a Bird Feeder (World Migratory Bird Day): Click here to download.

May the 4th Be With You: Teaching from home or want something fun to do? Check out these Star Wars Day themed activities from our friends at Science Buddies.

Backyard Bird Scavenger Hunt: Download this checklist which includes color photos of each bird and check the box when you spot the bird. Write down when and where you spotted it and what it was doing in the space provided.

Color Matching in Nature: Download this fun activity. Print out the color disks and place them into an egg carton. Head outside and see what you can find!

It's Not Just Dirt ActivitySoil comes in many forms. You can have different forms right in your own yard. Let’s investigate together and see what we find.

Leaf Scavenger HuntThere are many types of tree leaves. Go outside and try to find the leaf shapes shown. Check them off as you find them. If you find different leaves, draw them in the blank space.

Shapes in Nature ActivityWhat geometric shapes can you find in nature today?

Colors in Nature: Gather the family, grab your crayons (or the photos below), and head outside to hunt for colors in nature!

1. Challenge each other to find the closest match by looking under things, up, down, and up close.

2. You might be surprised by what you find if you use a variety of bright colors.

3. Try using many shades of of a color, too. Green, for example, will highlight small differences between grasses, leaves, and mosses.

4. Afterwards, discuss what you found. Were you surprised by the colors you found or by the number of variations of a single color?

crayons colors in nature

crayon color palette colors in nature

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay.

Project WET Discover Water: click here for fun online activities and interactive games about water.


Bear Lessons for 3rd Graders: Museum Educators worked with the MS Bear Group to create these lessons that teach about MS Bears. Included are simple, Mississippi specific lessons for reading, writing, math, and social studies, as well as a cheatsheet for teachers/parents!

Lessons are designed with the 3rd grade curriculum in mind but are appropriate for many ages, even adaptable for middle and high school students.

Check it out at


Woodpeckers: How many differences do you see between the Red-bellied Woodpecker and Red-headed Woodpecker in this nature sketch page from our favorite museum artist, Sam Beibers?

Click here to download a PDF of the sketch page.

woodpeckers sketch

Crabapple Art: Crabapples have a gentle slightly sweet aroma. Just before the buds bloom into five-pearled flowers, they look like brilliant pink balls that are reminiscent of popcorn popping all over the tree.

Sam Beibers, our exhibits supervisor, created this sketch based on a photo he took of a Southern Crabapple in full bloom at the museum.

Use this sketch and photo as inspiration to create your own. 

crabapple sam beibers




Visit Jackson: Download the First Responders Coloring Sheet and visit Visit Jackson First Responder Appreciation Information page.

Species Portrait: Barking Tree FrogDid you know that the barking tree frog is the largest native tree frog in the US? Click below to see photos and learn about this interesting frog from the museum's Research Coordinator, Aaron Holbrook.

MDWFP Bear Wise: Are you BearWise? Find out with this helpful resource from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks and their partners.

The Six BearWise Basics are:

➼ Never Feed or Approach Bears
➼Secure Food, Garbage and Recycling
➼ Remove Bird Feeders When Bears Are Active
➼ Never Leave Pet Food Outdoors
➼ Clean & Store Grills
➼ Alert Neighbors to Bear Activity

MDWFP Boating and Hunter Education: Did you know MDWFP accepts online courses for hunter education and boater education certification? Approved courses can be found at

NOAA April 14 and April 16, 2020: 4th, 5th, and 6th GRADERS! Register for NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center's "Hurricanes At Home" webinar series. Click here to register.

Ranger Rick (free): Stay entertained and engaged in the natural world. This website is free to all visitors through the end of June. They have also made all the digital editions of their magazines free to the public for the next few months. 


Minecraft: Free educational content on their Marketplace. You can tour the ISS, explore the inside of a human eye, or best of all track down different animals as a marine biologist:

Girl Scouts: Click here for Girl Scouts at Home activities by grade level and topic.

Cub Scouts: Click here for Scouting at Home information and activities.

Science Museum VIRTUAL BIOLOGISTS Club (From Home): 
For youth entering Grade 7 - Grade 12

June 22-26, 2020

Limit: 20 students

Members: $75

Non-Members: $85

NOTE: Are you a Member of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Foundation? Members receive a $10 discount on the Science Museum Virtual Biologist's Club and a 10% discount on t-shirts. You may become an MMNSF Member at


Be a Biologist at-home for a week! This fun, new experience, for youth entering Grade 7 - Grade 12 combines daily, themed activities created by our educators with virtual field research and hang-outs! 

Each morning, join a Biologist on their field research - through a pre-recorded video created especially for this camp. Topics include fossils, streams, mammals, and more!

Then, explore the day’s topic through an exciting at-home activity (supplies are included)

At the end of the day (around 3 p.m.), meet “Live” with the "Biologist of the Day" via Zoom to discuss what you learned and ask questions. Zoom’s will be recorded if you can’t attend “live”.


T-Shirts: You may buy museum t-shirts for an additional $15.99 plus tax per shirt.

Shipping: Your included supplies and optional t-shirt(s) may be picked up at the museum for no additional cost or they can be shipped to you for an additional $15.

HOW TO ORDER: Spaces are limited. Fill out the order form at and someone from the museum's staff will call you to confirm your order, collect payment, and discuss the delivery process. You may choose to pick up your order at the museum via our free, contactless process or you may choose to have it mailed to you for an additional $15. 


Science Museum EXPLORER'S Club (From Home): 
For ages PreK through 6th Grade

Join the Science Museum Explorer's Club (FROM HOME)! Buy one week, multiple weeks, or all 5-weeks of kits! These themed lessons were created by the museum's educators for ages PreK through 6th Grade. Each kit includes about 10 hours of indoor/outdoor fun and a craft/building activity; plus you receive interactive virtual sessions with a museum educator and access to a private Facebook Group. 

Read below for details or register now at: Fill out the order form online and someone from the museum's staff will call you to confirm your order, collect payment, and discuss the delivery process. 

Are you a Member of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Foundation? Members receive a discount on kits and a 10% discount on t-shirts and toys.

Members: $30 per kit or $125 for the 5-week series.

Non-Members: $35 per kit or $150 for the 5-week series. Non-Members who purchase the 5-week series receive one-time museum admission for one adult and one child, usable anytime in 2020 - $10 value.

NOTE: You may become an MMNSF Member at


Each weekly kit includes:

  • about 10 hours of fun
  • a minimum of five activities
  • a video lesson
  • an interactive, virtual creature feature
  • a craft or building activity
  • an outdoor exploration activity
  • an inquiry based learning activity
  • a list of supplies needed for each box
  • a general supply list of household items that we will not be sending (scissors, something to color with, etc.)
  • a once per week “Virtual Meet Up” where we will share projects from the week and you can ask questions
  • a "Virtual End of Summer Party", and a Private Facebook Group.

Each week will offer the same theme/subject but you will get to choose the grade level - either "Pre-K-2nd Grade" or "3rd Grade - 6th Grade".


  • June 1-5: Birds of a Feather
  • June 15-19: Interesting Insects
  • June 29-July 3: Fishy Fun
  • July 13-17: Spectacular Snakes
  • July 27-31: Plant Power


In addition to purchasing your kits, you may add on museum t-shirts and toys (see online order form for details). Each week will feature a specific toy relating to the theme of the week. Some items are assorted colors and may not be exactly as pictured. All add on t-shirts are $15.99 and toys are $8/each.

 Birds of a Feather - one stuffed bird (assorted), all have a unique bird song inside


Interesting Insects - A magnifying bug viewer and insect lollipop (assorted)


Fishy Fun - a choice of a stuffed bass or fishing reel game


Spectacular Snakes - one rubber snake (assorted colors)


Plant Power - Solar Print Paper


T-Shirt Front and Back

SHIPPING: Shipping is $10 per week. Boxes may be picked up for free from the museum using our contactless pick-up during designated hours.


Visit and fill out the order form. Then, someone from the museum's staff will call you to confirm your order, collect payment, and discuss the delivery process. You may choose to pick up your kits each week at the museum via our free, contactless process or you may choose to have your kits mailed to you ($10 per kit). 



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