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80 years2012 Events in Review . . . . .

Bird Feeders

The NMFH Visitor Education Center gave participants young and young at heart the opportunity to create environmentally friendly bird feeders from materials found around the home. From orange peels to paper towel rolls and cardboard boxes, participants of all ages were able to create these treats while learning fun facts about some of the birds they will see in their yards throughout the year! 

 Bird 3Bird 5Bird 4

Pumpkin Painting

The NMFH VEC Pumpkin Painting Program was well attended by young artists with great painting skills. After the program, participants and parents tested their hunting skills in the scavenger hunt! For pictures of this colorful (and creepy) event, see the photo section.

 Pumpkin 1Pumpkin 2Pumpkin 4 

History of Enid Lake

Mike Robinson, Supervisory Ranger for the USACE at Enid Lake, took participants on a trip back to 1947 when construction of Enid Dam started. Having pictures, memorabilia, and a wealth of knowledge from that day, Robinson answered questions and told many stories about obstacles the workers faced. Those attending the program learned about the changes that took place then and the changes soon to take place at the Ford's Well recreation area. "My dad worked on the lake during the construction; alot of the tales and the history that I know about the lake came from him," Mike Robinson told those in the audience.   



This enlightening and "entertaining" program illustrated how Enid Lake has changed from merely flood control to recreation.


 (In the history of the dam, the emergency spillway has
experienced flow four times 1973, 1983, 1991, and 2002.)

2012 Nursing Home Rodeo

This year the North Mississippi Fish Hatchery Visitor Education Center hosted its first Nursing Home Rodeo. Some anglers were able to show the VEC staff a trick or two and were able to share some interesting fish stories. Other anglers had never been fishing but were able to land several catfish! See our photo gallery for more images of this fun-filled morning!

 NH Rodeo

2012 Youth Fishing Rodeo

If you missed the Youth Fishing Rodeo on May 19th, be sure to "catch" us next year! To see all the anglers and their catches visit our Fishing Rodeos page in the featured topics section and our photo gallery. The North Mississippi Fish Hatchery Visitor Education Center had hundreds of young people landing catfish in the rodeo pond and participating in the Bowfishing activities. So much going on in one day, you will have to see the pictures to believe it!Rodeo 12

Fish Predators Programpredators1

Lurking in and around Mississippi rivers, lakes, and ponds are many predators for the fish raised at the North Mississippi Fish Hatchery. The Fish Predators Program on May 5th allowed participants to learn about fish hunters like alligator snapping turtles, bald eagles, lesser sirens, alligators, and gar! Kids young and old were able to see the skull of a 12-foot alligator taken in one of the MDWFP drawn hunts last year and see pictures of the giant alligator gar caught in 2011 weighing 327 lbs. along with much more! Many kids are glad they are one of the predators instead of the prey!

 predators 2Alligator skull  

WOW! Wonders of Wetlands - Teacher's Workshop

Thank you to Megan Fredrick for presenting the WOW! Wonders of Wetlands Teachers Workshop at the Education Center. This event allowed local teachers of all grade levels to participate in this 6 hour workshop and receive CEUs from Mississippi College. 


As seen above, teachers participated in hands-on activities, searching for signs of wildlife and macroinvertebrates living in and around the Center pond and habitat area.

Kid's Fish ID Program

The Fish Identification Program on April 14th was a good start to many kids' fishing season! MDWFP Fisheries Biologist Josh Howell covered many of the fish species young anglers will hook at Enid Lake and other areas around the state. He also gave participants pointers on identifying the invasive Asian Carp. Those who did not know about these fish will now be on the lookout! These young people were able to ask questions and later shared a few fish stories of their own.    

Josh 1Josh 2

Pond Management

The Pond Management Workshop was attended by owners with many pond problems ranging from alligator weed to snapping turtles. MDWFP Fisheries Biologist Keith Meals covered these and other areas. Participants received pointers on managing their ponds for some great bass and bream fishing.

Jig-Tying Seminar

The Jig-Tying seminar presented by Gwin Jackson on March 3rd was well-attended by adults and youth who watched Jackson create his jigs, then tied jigs with the colors of their choosing. Below Trace Ramage (age 10), Nathan Ramage (age 6), and Hayden and Lee Jackson (ages 13 & 6) are hard at work creating jigs that may land the next record!

  JigsJigs2boy - jig

Participants were able to talk to Jackson about his techniques, materials, and his most successful jigs. According to Jackson, the orange, black, and chartreuse are the winning crappie colors!

 Jig - singleJigs - severalgroup - jig





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