Lecture: "Lower Mississippi River"

Tuesday August 05, 2014   Noon - 1:00 p.m.

Location:  MS Museum of Natural Science - Rotwein Theater

County:  Hinds

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"Conservation and Management of the Lower Mississippi River: A New Paradigm"

SPEAKER: Paul Hartfield, Endangered Species Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

August 2014 Lecture
Photo Credit: Bill Stripling

The Mississippi River is one of the most highly engineered rivers in the world.  Even so, the Lower Mississippi River has experienced no extinctions or extirpations, and retains a highly functional aquatic ecosystem.  

Over the past decade, the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee, and other partners have developed and implemented a management strategy and partnership to maintain and improve ecosystem values of the River.  

On the Mississippi River, Paul heads up the endangered species recovery programs for the Interior Least Tern, the Fat Pocketbook freshwater mussel, and the Pallid Sturgeon.  He will discuss the ecology of the river and these endangered species.