First Tuesday Lecture

Tuesday May 05, 2015   Noon - 1pm

Location:  MS Museum of Natural Science

County:  Hinds

For more information please contact the Visitor Information Specialist at 601-576-6000.

The Palynology of the McNairy Sand Member (Ripley Formation) in Alcorn and Tippah counties Mississippi

SPEAKER: Dr. Nina L. Baghai-Riding, Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, Delta State University, Cleveland
Exposures of the McNairy Member (Maastrichtian) of the Ripley Formation occur in Alcorn, Tippah, and Union County in northeastern Mississippi, and northward into Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri where it has been assigned a formational ranking. Dr. Baghai-Riding's research on fossil palynomorphs, dinoflagellates, spores, and pollen, provides a picture of the paleoclimate, plant diversity, and local landscapes that occurred in this area 75 million years ago.

Her slides will depict many of the 130 different species that she recovered from the McNairy Member: ferns, fern allies, gymnosperms, and angiosperms.

May Lecture 2015