Lecture: "Parasites"

Tuesday September 02, 2014   Noon - 1pm

Location:  MS Museum of Natural Science: Rotwein Theater

County:  Hinds

For more information please contact the Visitor Information Specialist at 601-576-6000.

"Utilizing Parasites as a Tool to Investigate Ecological and Evolutionary Relationships in the Marine Environment"

SPEAKER: Michael J. Andres, Research Assistant, Doctoral Candidate, Gulf Coast Research Lab, University of Southern Mississippi , Ocean Springs, MS

Andres will discuss two of the many ways that parasites can be used as tools: to understand ecological  processes and to investigate evolutionary relationships.

First, he will discuss using nematodes in midwater fish from the Gulf of Mexico to infer food web dynamics.

Second, he will broaden the discussion to the evolutionary relationship of some trematodes in herbivorous fishes from around the world.

September 2014 lecture