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Alligator Harvest Report

View up to date alligator harvest summary data and statistics. Viewable data is posted here automatically when alligator hunters submit their Alligator Harvest Report.




Note: Private Land Alligator Permit holders should not submit their report here on-line.  Follow the instructions in your Private Lands Packet.  Private land permit holders must mail their Harvest Report Card and any un-used temporary possession tags back to the MDWFP, no later than October 15.



The MDWFP maintains records of the following categories of hunter harvested alligators:

Male - longest (current record 13 feet 6.5 inches)

Male - heaviest (current record 697.5 pounds)

Female - Longest (current record 10 feet 0 inches)

Female - Heaviest (current record 295.3 pounds)

Record Alligator Certification Procedures

Hunters who wish to certify an alligator as a potential state record of harvest should
contact the MDWFP at 601-432-2217 or (after business hours) 601-432-2170.  Hunters should be prepared to provide the following information at the time of your call:

  1. Total length (feet - inches)
  2. Belly girth (inches)
  3. Tail girth (inches)
  4. Weight (lbs) (only needed if a potential weight record, plus length and girth measurements)

The Alligator Program Coordinator will return the call ASAP, usually within 24 hours.  If deemed a potential record by the program coordinator, arrangements will be made to meet with MDWFP personnel to obtain an official weight or length measurement.

Regarding Weight Records:Since weights are so difficult to estimate and vary greatly hunters must pre-weigh their alligator before contacting the MDWFP. If certified scales are not available, then efforts should be made by the hunter to obtain a weight from a reputable source of scales. Weight certification must be on certified scales or other
MDWFP approved scales and witnessed by a MDWFP officer or biologist.

Measuring tips:

  1. Lay the alligator on a flat surface with the carcass laying
          completly flat and straight.Using a cloth measuring tape, measure along
          the dorsal side (top) of the alligator from the tip of the snout to the
          tip of the tail following the dorsal contour of the alligator.
  2. Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch.
  3. For weight, be sure the alligator is completely suspended from the ground.
  4. For weight, be sure to "zero tare" the scales when chains
          or straps are used to hoist the alligator before hoisting the alligator
          for measureing the weight. Chains and straps should not be included into
          the weight measurement.

The current length records are:

  • Male - 13 feet 6.5 inches  (weighed 633 pounds, belly girth 57 in., tail girth 39 in.)
  • Female - 10 feet 0 inches  (weighed 295.3 pounds, belly girth 50 in., tail girth 32 in.)

The current weight records are: 

  • Male - 697.5 pounds (13 ft. 1 in., belly girth 65 in., tail girth 45 in.)
  • Female - 295.3 pounds (10 ft. 0 in., belly girth 50 in., tail girth 32 in.)

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