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Supplemental Feeding Frequently Asked Questions

Public Notice Number W-3796 (Supplemental Feeding of White-tailed Deer)


What is a Complete Pelletized Ration? 

Complete Pelletized Ration is a feed mixture in the form of a pellet that is nutritionally adequate for deer and containing at least 16% crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, vitamins, minerals, and does not contain any animal byproducts. (Examples of Complete Pelletized Rations: Milk Flow Dairy pellets, Purina Antler Max, Sportsman's Choice Record Rack, Red Head On-Track Premium Feed, Antler King© Pelleted Deer and Elk Feed)


How far do I have to be from a feeder during hunting season?

Hunters must be at least 100 yards from a feeder that contains feed.  Additionally, the feeder may not be in the hunter's line of sight.


What is "within the line of sight"? What does this mean?

Within the line of sight means being hidden from view by natural vegetation or naturally occurring terrain features.  For example: The feeder is behind a dense clump of trees; the feeder is over a hill; a mound has been pushed in a field and the feeder is behind the mound.



Why do I have to use an above ground covered feeder?

This is so the feed will not sit on the ground in piles.  When feed is piled on the ground there is more opportunity for moisture to come in contact with the feed which can cause it to mold and sour. 


Then why can I use a spin cast feeder?  They allow feed to touch the ground.

Yes they do allow feed to come in contact with the ground, but the feed is distributed in a manner so it is not piled.  Deer can remove most of the feed the feeder distributes each time it turns on.  This will reduce the likelihood that the feed with mold or sour.


Why do I have to put my feeder 100 yards away from my property line?

This is primarily to reduce conflict between adjoining landowners, lease holders, and hunt clubs.


Why can't I put a feeder on public land?

Once again, this is to reduce conflict between hunters.  If feeding were allowed on public land, a hunter who put up a feeder could "claim" that area as their hunting area.  Also, it would be extremely difficult to know where all of the feeders were located on public land.  Due to this, you could be hunting in violation and not know it.

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