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Dove Program 


Opening day of dove season is one of the most anticipated and popular hunting days of the year for many Mississippians.  Dove season brings the first hunting opportunity of the fall as the long and hot Mississippi summer comes to a close.  Dove hunting in the southeast has a long tradition of being a very social event and is a time for fellowship with friends and family outdoors.  The opening day of dove season is a day not to be missed for many Mississippi hunters.  However, a common complaint of many hunters is that they simply do not have a place to hunt.  Wing shooters around the state should take a moment to check out the variety of public dove hunting opportunities provided by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.  Information on these opportunities can be found using the links below listed under "Dove Hunting Opportunities".

2014-15 Dove Season Dates

North Dove Zone
(Areas north of US Hwy 84 plus areas south of US Hwy 84 and west of MS Hwy 35)

  • September 1 - 21
  • October 4 - November 9
  • December 15 - January 15

South Dove Zone
(Areas south of US Hwy 84 and east of MS Hwy 35)

  • September 13 - 21
  • October 4 - November 9
  • Decmber 3 -January 15


*** Shooting Hours Notice ***
Shooting hours for opening day in both zones begins at 30 minutes prior to sunrise on private lands.


Dove Hunting Opportunites

 Additional Resources