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Waterfowl Harvest Reports

WMA Waterfowl Harvest Reports

The MDWFP tracks waterfowl harvest and hunter activity weekly on selected Wildlife Management Areas across the state.  The links below will take you to summary statistics for all of the WMAs we track.  Click on each WMA listed along the top of that page for a weekly harvest summary for that WMA.

Statewide USFWS Waterfowl Harvest Estimates
If you are interested in statewide waterfowl harvest numbers computed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for Mississippi, click the following link for reports summarizing migratory bird hunting statistics in the United States.

Light Goose Conservation Order Harvest Reports
In recent years, overabundant light geese (snows, blues, and Ross's geese)  have severely degraded their sensitive arctic tundra nesting habitat.  In an effort to reduce their population before it collapses from habitat destruction, the light goose conservation order was established.  The conservation order allows an extended season length and liberalized harvest regulations on light geese when no other waterfowl seasons are open.  To get a FREE light goose conservation order permit number call (601) 432-2199 between 8 AM and 5 PM after September 15.  Write down this number and keep it on your person while hunting.  All we need is your name and address so we can mail a harvest survey to you after the season closes.  We are required to report conservation order harvest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to continue offering the opportunity to hunters.