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Waterfowl Hunting Regulations

Seasons and Bag Limits

Migratory bird season dates, season length, and bag limits are subject to change annually.  By Federal law, our migratory bird seasons may only occur during certain season frameworks.  For example, states in the Mississippi Flyway can set their regular duck season any time between the Saturday nearest September 24 and the last Sunday in January.  All migratory game bird hunting seasons and bag limits are selected from Federal frameworks each spring.  Immediatley after the season dates are set by the Commission, they will be posted here and distributed to various media outlets.  To learn more about all of the efforts which go into setting waterfowl seasons, check out the FLYWAYS.US website.

License Requirements for Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunters between the ages of 16 and 65 must have a minimum of a small game hunting license (Sportsman or All-game licenses are also valid), Mississippi waterfowl stamp (electronic or physical), Federal waterfowl stamp (physical stamp), and Harvest Information Program (HIP) certification.   Physical waterfowl stamps are not valid unless signed in ink.  Youth under the age of 16 are exempt from purchasing a hunting license and waterfowl stamps, but must be in the presence of a properly licensed adult while waterfowl hunting.  Adult hunters exempt from purchasing a hunting license are still required to possess state and Federal waterfowl stamps for waterfowl hunting.  Waterfowl hunters who hunt on state Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) must purchase a WMA user permit in addition to their hunting license and waterfowl stamps.  For information on permit requirements for other public lands (e.g., National Wildlife Refuges, National Forests, etc.) please contact the agency responsible for those lands.

Federal Waterfowl Regulations
The following links should help you stay legal while waterfowl hunting in Mississippi and elsewhere.


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