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Manager: Bobby Kellum

From Indianola, go north on Sunflower Ave., approximately 2.2 miles and turn right onto Steiner Rd. Go north approximately 9 miles and turn left onto Hughes Ertle Rd. Go 2 miles and the headquarters will be on your right.

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Indianola Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is located 10 miles north of Indianola and is managed as a waterfowl hunting area.


Important Information if you are Hunting on Indianola WMA

  • Area is moist soil habitat and harvested soybeans. Due to extensive habitat improvements conducted over the summer there is no natural, or planted cover.
  • ATV/UTVs are recommended but some hunt units can be accessed by foot.
  • Some type of small layout boat, layout blind with tub, etc. to allow hunter to reduce silhouette, is highly recommended.
  • Camouflage - needs a lot of tan/brown in it e.g. fast grass.