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Lake George WMA is located in Yazoo County near Holly Bluff. From the intersection of Hwy 16 and the Satartia/Holly Bluff Road go approximately 5 miles southeast on the Satartia/Holly Bluff Road to the Whitington West Levee Road (west levee). Take a right onto the levee and go approximately 2 miles. The Lake George WMA shop and permit box is on the right at the base of the levee. If you have any questions regarding Lake George WMA call (601) 661-0294.
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Lake George Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a 8,383-acre parcel located in Yazoo County, between Holly Bluff and Satartia on Highway 433.  This area is dominated by regenerated bottomland hardwood forest, with less than 40 acres consisting of mature timber.  This WMA is owned by the Vicksburg District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is maintained by the MDWFP.  Lake George became a WMA in 1990. 

The Whittington Auxiliary Channel runs the length of the WMA, and a large portion of the mature timber on the area is found along the channel.  Extensive flooding is not a major problem.  However, when flooding occurs, Lake George has substantial amounts of quality waterfowl habitat.

Deer habitat on the area is exceptional, since most of the area has been replanted in trees.  This hardwood regeneration has created an early successional habitat that has allowed the growth of massive amounts of browse.  Due to high quality habitat, the deer herd on Lake George is in very good condition.  When compared to other areas, buck quality is above average, although the antlerless harvest should be more intense.  Deer hunting is allowed with archery, primitive weapons or modern guns depending on season.  Bucks are not eligible for harvest unless they have an inside spread of at least 15 inches, or one main beam length of at least 18 inches.  This rule has been in place for several years; therefore, a few higher-quality deer should be available for harvest.  Opportunities to harvest antlerless deer exist and are encouraged on the WMA.

High-quality waterfowl hunting opportunities exist when flood water is retained.  However, these opportunities are short in duration.  The primary small game hunting opportunities include bobwhite quail and rabbit hunting.  Rabbit hunting on the area is outstanding, because of the high availability of habitat.

Hunter success on this area is generally high, and hunting opportunities are practically unrestricted.  Deer hunting tends to be difficult, because of low visibility.  Small game hunting opportunities and success are excellent.  Hunting pressure, in general, is relatively low on the area, which should tend to slightly increase the hunting quality.

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