Archery In MS Schools

Scoring Procedures for Qualifiers and the State Championships


The following will be the procedure for scoring during the North and South Qualifiers as well as the State Championships.

Upon arriving at the target line, Archery A will take Archer B’s scorecard, score the arrows, and mark the scorecard.  Archer B will then take Archer A’s scorecard, score the arrows and mark the score card.  No archer should score or mark their scorecard.  At the END of the tournament each archer should sign their scorecard and sign as the witness the scorecard of the other archer which they have scored.  Score cards must have two signatures to be official.  Scorecards with one or no signatures will be disqualified.

AIMS coordinates the State Archery Championship Series with North and South Qualifying Events and the AIMS State Championships toward the end of the competitive season for public and independent school systems.



South State Qualifier

Virtual Head to Head Competition

March 22-27
Scores in by the 29th

North State Qualifier

Virtual Head to Head Competition

March 28-April 3
Scores in by the 5th



Virtual Head to Head Competition

 April 12-17





call 601-325-0222 for more information.... 

*****Note:  All coaches and teams must check at least one hour prior to scheduled shoot time or risk disqualification, "check-in" time is also "spectator time"...



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