Boating Registrations

Common Questions About Boat Registration

1. What are common issues that could cause a boat application to be sent back to a customer?

  1. Failure to sign a boat registration application may be the most common issue. Before you submit your paperwork, make sure that the application is signed.
  2. Make sure the bill of sale is notarized or signed by a witness other than the buyer or seller.
  3. Make sure that the hull identification number (HIN) and serial number on the application match the numbers on the boat before you submit it.
  4. Be sure to provide us with proof of ownership of the last registered owner.

2. What do I need to register my boat?

  1. You need to complete a boat registration application. Applications are available on our website, at MDWFP headquarters in Jackson, regional offices, your local tax collector’s office, and most places where boats are sold and serviced.

  2. If you purchased your boat from an individual:

  3. In addition to your boat registration application, you will need a bill of sale. The bill of sale needs to be signed by a third-party witness or notarized.
  4. Proof of purchase from the last registered owner is also needed.

  5. If you purchased your boat from a dealership:

  6. In addition to your boat registration application, you will need the sales invoice.

3. What are some examples a customer can provide as proof of the last registered owner?

  1. A boat registration card from the previous owner.
  2. A renewal notice that will have the previous owner’s information.
  3. The original title if the boat was titled in Mississippi.
  4. If the boat was titled out of state, a copy or the original title will prove ownership.

4. If I bought a boat from a dealer from out of state, what do I need to provide?

  1. You will need to fill out a boat registration application.
  2. You will need to have a sales invoice from the dealer.
  3. Also, you will need proof that Mississippi sales tax was paid to your local county tax collector’s office in Mississippi.

5. How do customers submit their boat registration application and other documents?

  1. Applications can be mailed to our MDWFP headquarters in Jackson. 1505 East Over Drive.
  2. If you desire to bring your applications in, our office hours are from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday.

6. How do I go about renewing my boat registration?

  1. You can renew your boat registration on our website, mobile app, 1-800-5-GO-HUNT, or at a State Fishing Lake, State Park, one of MDWFP’s regional offices, MDWFP headquarters, or a business or retail store that sales hunting and fishing licenses.

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