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Goal Achieved
Tags Pre-sold: 300 | Goal: 300

Now that we have met our goal tag recipients are one step closer to showing their support for Mississippi State Parks on their daily drive, in the carpool line, and pulling up to their favorite campsite. MDWFP will notify each tag recipient when the tag is ready to be picked up at the tax collector's office in your county of residence. Please expect around 60 business days once all items are submitted to the MS Dept. of Revenue and approved. Until then please feel free to spread the word about the new State Parks Tag, and once again thank you for supporting MS State Parks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The county will allow you to transfer a specialty plate to another vehicle.
The vehicle owner has up to 60 days to pick up their plate after the DOR has informed the organization that the license plates are available in the county office. If the vehicle owner waits beyond the 60 days, they are required to pay the special fees again.
As established by senate bill 2288 in the 2020 legislative session, the speciality tag costs $33, of which $20 will be deposited into the Mississippi State Park fund.
Disbursements from the sale of license plates are made around the 15th of each month.
State law requires the vehicle owner who no longer desires to have the specialty plate registered to a vehicle to surrender the plate at the county tax collector’s office.
Yes, unless there is a stipulation in the statute on the number of license plates to be issued per person.
Yes, the vehicle owner is required to bring in the old license plate in order to receive the new specialty plate.
The vehicle owner should either go into the new county office and have the clerk call the other county office to forward the license plate, or, they may contact the DOR to have the county forward the tag to the correct county office.
Since that particular vehicle owner may have been one of the 300 persons on the list of presold tags, it is the responsibility of the organization to work out something with the vehicle owner in order for your list not to drop below 300. The organization is not complying with the law if it falls below 300 presold tags.


Contact the Parks Bureau at Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
Phone 601-432-2400 | Web (Contact us)

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