Cutting Costs of Food Plots
Cutting Costs of Food Plots
7/31/2023 8:00:00 AM


Any true Mississippian can recite at least one anecdote from the state’s own Jerry Clower. A perennial favorite from the humorist is the recounting of a meeting at the East Fork Church concerning the purchase of a new chandelier. Per the comedian's narrative, Uncle Versey objected to the purchase of the fixture in question because nobody in the congregation
was educated enough to spell chandelier, nobody knew “how to play it,” and, lastly, the church had no business buying a chandelier when all they really needed was some more lights in the sanctuary.

For many food plot managers, the mention of new technology conjures images of a frail hacker hiding in a basement littered with computer guts and soda cans. However, technology comes in all shapes and sizes. The field of precision agriculture is slowly revolutionizing production farming, and many of those technologies and strategies are available to wildlife food plot managers. One relevant technological advancement that is neither new nor daunting is soil testing. With fertilizer costs rising almost 60% since 2020, ensuring plots have enough nutrients (without any wasting) is more important than ever.

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