Preparing Students

Tell your students that the word "museum" comes from the word "muse," which means "to think". During their visit to the Museum, they'll be thinking about Mississippi plants, animals, and habitats. Ask them to discuss what sort of things they might see. A museum is a place to think, to explore, to discover, and to learn. Remind your students that appropriate behavior helps all visitors to focus their attention on the displays and to learn from their experience. Go over the following list of museum guidelines with them, then ask if they can think of other ways to make their visit-and the visits of others-more enjoyable.



Museum Guidelines
Your visit to the museum will be more pleasant and valuable for your group and other visitors if everyone follows these guidelines:

  • Food, drinks, candy, and gum are not allowed in the Museum.
  • The museum is a tobacco-free facility.
  • Always walk through the museum and on the nature trails. Please don't run.
  • Be courteous and walk behind rather than in front of those who are viewing the exhibits.
  • It is dangerous to touch or lean against the glass cases.
  • Beating or tapping on the aquarium windows disturbs the fish and other inhabitants.
  • Use pencils and pens only for writing on activity sheets provided by your teacher or the museum, and please do not use display cases or aquariums as a writing surface.
  • Take your time and investigate the exhibits. Labels are posted for your information.
  • Questions are always encouraged!


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