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 Carolina Jasmine Carolina Jasmine


Mississippi Native: Carolina Jasmine

(Gelsemium sempervirens)

Downloadable Brochure: CAROLINA JASMINE

Other Name/s:

Yellow Jessamine, Evening Trumpetflower, and Poor Man’s Rope


The Carolina jasmine is a high climber with wiry, twining stems. These tough stems will climb and wrap around neighboring trees and shrubs.

Yellow flowers are tubular and very fragrant, growing individually from the vine and forming small clusters. Its small leaves are deep green and waxy in appearance.

A perennial, Carolina jasmine’s flowers bloom from late winter into early spring. Blooms are still seen from the last of February into early April.


The vine itself is 10 to 20 feet long, and flowers are approximately 1 inch long.  


This plant is seen mostly in landscapes and woodland areas.

Interesting Facts:

Carolina jasmine climbs on a variety of structures from fences and trellises to shrubs and trees. It is very popular as a “mailbox plant.” Although a favorite in Mississippi landscapes, it is North Carolina’s state plant. This plant attracts butterflies, and bees, but every portion is toxic and should not be consumed.    

Planting Tips:

Plant with seeds or cuttings. The Carolina jasmine is drought and wind tolerant growing best in areas receiving plenty of sun. Pruning is best done after blooming season is finished. It is best trained to grow horizontally; a vertical growth will cause the lower flowers to be shaded out, thus preventing blooming.

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