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Pond Cypress Pond Cypress


Mississippi Native: Pond Cypress

(Taxodium ascendens)

Downloadable Brochure: POND CYPRESS


This conifer has deeply furrowed bark, which is brown in color. The pond cypress has awl shaped needles. These needles are bright green but turn to a rich orange-brown color in the fall. Flowers, which are not conspicuous, are brown as are the seeds. This tree is columnar with upright branchlets on spreading branches.


The pond cypress can grow to heights of 70 feet.  


This cypress is found in various wetland habitats.   

Interesting Facts:

This is an ideal tree for soil stabilization at water edges.  

Planting Tips:

The pond cypress will take full sun but does better with some shade. Plant in wet to moist soils.  Pond cypress are not drought tolerant.

It is best to plant saplings in the fall or early spring when the plant is dormant. They can be planted from seeds.

A hardy plant, pond cypress are not prone to disease.

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