Parks & Destinations

Fiscal Year 2022

(July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022)


Completed Projects

  • Buccaneer State Park - Moved cottage to day-use campground and installed utilities
  • JP Coleman State Park:
    • Tore down old office at day-use boat marina
    • Roof repairs at Managers Residence
    • Motel renovation and new roof installed
  • John Kyle State Park - Campground cleanup and repair after storms
  • Lake Lowndes - New roof and decking on storage building
  • LeFleur's Bluff State Park:
    • Museum Nature Trail Renovations
    • Cleaned fence rows around shop buildings and parking area
    • New Playground
  • Percy Quin - Lodge Renovations and Campground Renovations
  • Roosevelt - Cabins 1-5 received new roofs
  • Tombigbee State Park - Roof repairs at Managers Residence
  • Trace State Park - Phase II of Dam Repairs


  • Replaced 48 pedestals
  • Repaired 28 underground burnouts
  • Replaced 24 sewer lift pumps
  • Replaced lawn mowers, tractors, gators, and implements.


  • Replaced honor boxes at all gatehouses
  • New mulch at all playgrounds
  • New grill/firepit combo installed at all cabins 
  • Replaced carpet with new vinyl flooring at 10 state parks


       Wall Doxey 22   Paul B. Johnson   

                          (Pictured left to right: New honor boxes and new playground mulch)


Ongoing Projects

  • Buccaneer State Park:
    • Beach side RV Improvements
    • New Splash Zone
  • Clarkco State Park - Phase 1 Cabin Renovations
  • Hugh White State Park - Wastewater Improvements
  • Lake Lowndes - Bathhouse Renovations
  • LeFleur's Bluff State Park - Concession Renovations at the new playground
  • Natchez State Park - Phase 1 Cabin Renovations
  • Paul B Johnson State Park - Phase 1 Cabin Renovations
  • Percy Quin State Park:
    • Bridge Replacement
    • Phase 1 Cabin Renovations
  • Roosevelt State Park:
    • Phase 1 Cabin Renovations
    • Dam Repair Planning
  • Tishomingo State Park:
    • CCC Lodge Flooring Renovations
    • RV Campground upgrade and renovation


Cabin renovations at Roosevelt   Buccaneer water park   Tishomingo June 22

(Pictured left to right: Cabin Renovations at Roosevelt State Park, New Splash Zone at Buccaneer State Park, New RV Campground Upgrades at Tishomingo State Park)

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