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Quail Population Trends in Mississippi

Wildlife Management Areas
Following are 5-year results of quail call-counts conducted on selected Wildlife Management Areas during June. Average quail count represents average number of calling quail counted on survey points distributed across each area (the same survey points are counted each year). Most areas have about 15-20 points from which observers count numbers of whistling males. These counts are conducted on WMAs with upland habitat management potential. However, actual quail habitat quality varies substantially. Data should be interpreted somewhat cautiously. Calling activity can vary within and among years, and some routes are surveyed just one time. There were good reports of quail and brood sightings during the summer of 2020. Evaluating several years of breeding season call-count data provides relative population trends on a given area.
* Charles Ray Nix WMA is currently closed to quail hunting; bird dog training is allowed during month of February.
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