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In the state of Mississippi, nuisance species (including wild hogs) may be taken by landowners or lease holders 'year-round at any time of day or night with no weapon / caliber restriction on private lands. However, if you are hunting at night, it is strongly recommended to contact your local sheriff's department to inform them of your plans to discharge a firearm during nighttime hours. Also, be sure you are familiar with the layout of the land you plan to hunt (i.e. locations of residential areas, highways, etc.) and carefully review all regulations regarding the take of wild hogs in Mississippi. Finally, be sure of your target. Accidentally shooting non-target species (such as deer or bear) carry serious consequences, so be sure you know what you are shooting at before pulling the trigger. 

Overall, the shooting of wild hogs is not as effective at controlling wild hog numbers as trapping. However, it can be useful for removing mature individuals that have become "trap shy." If you are shooting wild hogs on your land, be sure to target mature sows when possible, as they contribute more than boars to populations growth. 

 Wild Hog Regulations in Mississippi


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