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Aberdeen Lake - 9/17/2018 2:54:21 PM



Anglers are targeting woody and grassy cover in the deeper sloughs with various topwater presentations early and late in the day. If overcast or rainy conditions are present, look for that bite to extend toward the middle of the day. Most anglers are choosing fairly weed less lures like frogs, rats, and buzzbaits to throw around the cover. Once the sun comes out, slower presentations like a jig or a Texas-rig are working. Some anglers are targeting the channel around or above the old Tombigbee River. Texas-rigged plastics, shakeyheads, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits are good options along the rip rap. Covering a lot of water is key there. If schools of shad are present, don’t overlook a topwater bite along the rip rap as well.




Anglers are targeting the old river runs with woody and/or grassy cover along the deeper banks. The shade from various forms of cover can play a big role in positioning fish this time of year. The Becker Bottoms area is popular. Both minnows and jigs should get some bites, but one may out produce the other on any given day.




Catfish are being caught on trotlines and jugs fished just off the navigational channel. Anglers are using cut/whole shad and kool-aid flavored chicken as bait.


Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Biologists use various sampling methods to assess the fish populations in the State’s waters.   Sampling results for selected water bodies are summarized in Reel Facts Sheets.


Fishing Regulations

Black bass (combined largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass)
Crappie (combined black and white)

Lengths to Release:
Black bass: 14 inches and under
Crappie: 9 inches and under
Paddlefish:  All lengths

Creel Limit (per person, per day):
Black bass: 10
Crappie: 30
Paddlefish:  0

Paddlefish harvest and possession is prohibited in the Tenn-Tom Waterway, Tombigbee River and it's tributaries.

Walleye harvest and possession is prohibited in the Tombigbee River and it's tributaries north of Hwy 278 (Monroe, Itawamba and Prentiss Counties).

Statewide creel limits apply to all other fish species.

Additional Information:
From the Aberdeen Lake dam downstream to the U.S. Highway 45 overpass, including the auxiliary spillway and the associated bank fishing access area in the Tombigbee River cutoff below the dam.

  • Anglers can only use one pole or rod per person.
  • Artificial lures with no more than 3 treble hooks no larger than #2 may be used anytime.
  • The use of baited or bare treble hooks is illegal.
  • No other gear can be used in these waters except that dip or landing nets, cast nets, boat mounted scoops, wire baskets, minnow seines, and minnow traps may be used to capture bait. Anglers keeping minnows, shad, nongame gross fish and non-native fish caught with these gear types must immediately place their catch on ice or in a dry container.
  • From Dec 1 until the last day of February - Anglers can only fish with 2 single hooks no larger than #2.  Hooks must be secured at least one inch apart.
  • From March 1 to Nov 30 - Anglers can only fish with 2 single hooks of any size.  Hooks must be secured at least one inch apart.
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