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Lake Mary Crawford

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:13 PM

For more detailed information please contact the Lake Office at (601) 587-7853.

Water temperature: 78

Visibility: 24"


Mary C record bass

Above:  7.2 pounds, the verified new lake record bass at Mary Crawford.

Bass fishing is good.  One angle caught five and another caught 14 this week. Black or junebug colored worms are the best lures right now.  Target shallow and medum depths.


Bream fishing is good; one angler caught 28 and another caught 10 big ones over the weekend on crickets and worms.  Try redworms fished on the bottom for Redear Sunfish. 


Mary C record crappie 2.4

New verified lake record crappie, 2.4 pounds.

Crappie fishing is slow.  Try minnows and jigs in 8 -10 feet of water.


Mary C record catfish 14.4

The new verified lake record channel catfish, 14.4 pounds.

Catfishing is fair.  Try cutbait, worms, or commercial catfish bait on the bottom.

Click here for a lake depth map.

Fish attractor sites were created during 2011 and 2015.  Several were marked with GPS and the coordinates are listed below.  Be sure your GPS is set to read decimal degrees (shown below) and not degrees-minutes-seconds when you are attempting to locate these attractors.


31.57860N  90.15717W

31.57653N  90.15344W

31.57642N  90.15923W

31.57557N  90.15806W

31.57536N  90.15389W

31.57425N  90.15452W


31.576715N    90.153874W       31.576824N    90.153792W

31.576941N    90.153705W       31.577184N    90.154282W

31.577269N    90.154427W       31.577905N    90.155262W

31.578438N    90.156327W       31.578562N    90.156437W

31.578945N    90.156624W       31.579045N    90.156635W

31.579210N    90.156598W       31.577562N    90.158703W

31.577550N    90.158872W       31.577561N    90.159000W

31.577553N    90.159157W       31.577576N    90.159274W

31.577491N    90.159332W       31.577550N    90.159447W

31.576373N    90.158726W       31.574607N    90.156716W

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