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Fishing Report

Ross Barnett Reservoir - 6/21/2017 9:35:16 AM


On the main lake, try to target ledges and humps with crank baits and swim baits.  You may also want to try the rip rap along the causeway and Hwy 43 with spinner baits, soft plastics.  North of Hwy 43, work some of the backwater areas with vegetation using frogs, flukes, worms and tubes.  Further upriver, buzz baits early in the morning may produce some nice catches. With the water up, catches may prove to be challenging.



Crappie have moved back to deep water.  Best results are from trolling about 12 to 20 feet deep on the river ledges.  White or chartreuse are always good colors. The increased water flow may push the fish into some of side pools where the current is less.



The catfish bite continues to be good over the last week.  Try for catfish in deep timber with jigs or minnows fished next to the bottom. Fish can also be targeted with jugs out in the open water by floating them through stump fields. Worms and blood baits can be very productive. Trot lines and poles fished along flats adjacent to the river channel and above Hwy 43 in old oxbow lakes are also good ways to harvest many quality catfish. Special regulations apply to parts of Ross Barnett for trotlines, throw lines, set hooks, limb lines, fffd's, jugs and yo-yos. Please check in advance before using these devices. Some people are starting to have some luck hand grabbing.



Bream fishing has taken  off over the last week with the fish bedding.  Try fishing a little outside the edges of the grass lines with crickets and worms.  Several nice catches have been taken.