Fishing Streams in the Fall
10/10/2017 3:49:24 PM
Fall is a great time to fish in Mississippi's streams. Low rainfall leads to excellent wading conditions, and the scenery is beautiful as the trees begin to change color.
Largemouth and spotted bass feed aggressively on shad, bream, and crayfish. Bream, such as longear sunfish and bluegill, are common in streams. Catfish provide excellent table fare and can also be found in most streams across the state.
Tackle choices vary, but it is hard to beat an ultra light rod with a four to six-pound test line for catching bass and bream. Popular lures include small in-line spinner baits and buzz baits, along with various sized beetle spins. Heavier line and rod action is appropriate when fishing for larger catfish. Live bait is recommended for catching flathead catfish, but blues and channels will eat almost anything. Fly fishing can also be an exciting way to catch fish in Mississippi's streams. Popping bugs and various insect imitating flies are good for bass, bream, and even crappie.
Locating features throughout the stream may help improve success. Runs, riffles, and pools are good places to target bass and bream. Fishing around fallen trees, bridge pilings, or other structure can be productive. If you are looking for catfish then it is best to target the deeper areas in the stream which are often found along outside bends of the channel.
Anglers should know that not all streams are public water. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality provides a map of public waterways on their website at Anglers can fish, wade, and float public waterways as long as they remain in the water. Access to public waterways can be found at public boat ramps, public roads, water parks, or by getting permission from an adjacent land owner.
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