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Play the Ghoulish Gourds Game (October 2020)

Play the fun, new “Ghoulish Gourds Game” this October! We’ve hand-decorated and hidden these gourds throughout the museum’s exhibits. Here’s how to play:

1. See how many ghoulish little gourds you can find (but leave them where they are).
2. When you’re finished, tell someone in the gift shop the number that you found.

Everyone Wins! If you find the EXACT number of gourds, then you win the “Big Grab Bag Surprise”. If you count several (but not the exact number), we have another fun, smaller grab bag surprise for you. One prize per child participating in the game.

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"Bird Flight"Exhibit Unveiled
bird flight exhibit
MDWFP’s Mississippi Museum of Natural Science recently unveiled “Bird Flight”, a stunning, permanent exhibit created in memory of B.E. Gandy, Museum Director/Curator from 1958–1987. Learn how birds fly, measure your wingspan, and see a murmuration, in this fascinating exhibit. 

Flying enables birds to escape predators, look for food, and migrate. As an avid birder, Mr. Gandy was fascinated by bird flight, especially the phenomenon of bird murmurations. A murmuration is a flock of hundreds or thousands of birds flying in a whirling, twisting, morphing pattern. Within a murmuration, flight information is somehow instantly communicated, allowing the flock to respond as one. Murmurations confuse predators and also attract other birds to roost together at night for added safety.

The “Bird Flight” exhibit was funded by the family of Mr. B. E. Gandy.


LeFleur Museum District 






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Bringing together four uniquely amazing museums - Mississippi's Sports Hall of Fame, Children's Museum, Ag Museum, and Museum of Natural Science - the District offers limitless wondrous possibilities.



From unforgettable moments in sports history to imagination-filled times with your kids. A chance to relive the magic of small town life, early aviation, and agriculture, combined with adventures on the wild side with dinosaurs and other wildlife. Come see and experience the LeFleur Museum District for yourself. The first thing you'll wonder is where in the world to begin.


The LeFleur Museum District includes 2 museums on Lakeland Drive and 2 museums on Museum Boulevard. Lakeland Drive and Museum Boulevard intersect one block east of Interstate 55 on Lakeland Drive in Jackson, MS.


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